Mitigation/Enhancement of the Pine Bush Preserve

The Rapp Road Landfill is located in an area adjacent to Exit 24 of the New York State Thruway known as the Pine Bush Preserve. The name Pine Bush is taken from its dominant and unique pitch pine and scrub oak vegetative community. Areas within the Pine Bush that have not been previously disturbed harbor several rare and endangered species. For this project, the City looked at several possible expansion alternatives at the Rapp Road facilities, and is proceeding with the alternative that appears to have the least impact on the Pine Bush Preserve. This alternative is entirely within the City of Albany on land that was purchased by the City of Albany in the 1970’s for public purposes. Much of it is part of the existing landfill parcel itself. The land is owned by the City of Albany, but the 10 acre area of lateral expansion was dedicated to the Pine Bush Commission in the early 1990’s for the purposes of management. At that time, it was dedicated as part of a concerted effort to achieve 2000 acres of protected Pine Bush habitat. As a result of the success of the Pine Bush Commission since that time, over 3000 acres are now in Preserve.

The City of Albany has been an active participant in the preservation activities regarding the Pine Bush. These activities include the following:

For the proposed expansion, the City will continue to work with the Pine Bush Commission through the permitting process, proposing additional mitigation measures as necessary, in an effort to offset the loss of the ten acres needed for the expansion, and to further advance the preservation of the Pine Bush.