Capital Region Solid Waste Management Consortium - Solid Waste Management Facility (A regional solid waste Panning Unit serving Capital District communities)

Landfill Operations

The Rapp Road Landfill is situated on approximately 255 acres of City owned property west of Rapp Road between the New York State Thruway to the south and the Conrail railroad tracks to the north. The actual footprint of the landfill is currently approximately 100 acres. The landfill began operation about 1969, and is generally divided into three disticnt areas. Currently, landfill operations are conducted within an area known as P-4.

The landfill is operated by the City of Albany Department of General Services, with 24 City employees who are responsible for the day to day operations. The facility manager holds a certification from the Solid Waste Association of North America in management of Landfill Operations. In addition, the manager and 7 landfill employees have been OSHA 40 hour trained in hazardous materials. The landfill is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure proper operations. Equipment used at the site includes 3 trash compactors, 2 excavators, 2 dozers, 2 track loaders, and a trash shredder.

Solid waste is brought to the landfill by City owned and operated garbage trucks, other municipally owned trucks, as well as by trucks owned and operated by private sector waste haulers. On average, the landfill accepts approximately 1050 tons per day.

As part of the operations, the city operates a gas collection system that collects primarily methane gas that is generated within the landfill. The gas is utilized by a commercial operator to generate electricity at the landfill site. The electricity is transmitted into the local electrical grid. The gas collection system also controls any odors associated with the landfill. The city has an odor hotline number (453-8288) for people to report off-site odors.

Commercial entities wishing to utilize the landfill must complete a Landfill Permit Application. The application form should be completed and submitted to the landfill for review and approval. Those entities wishing to establish a charge account should also complete the credit sections that are part of the application package. To download a landfill permit application, please go to Customers tab at

Commercial customers that wish to dispose of wastes that are not easily recognizable as municipal solid waste must complete and submit a Waste Profile Sheet for approval. Acceptance of the material approved is subject to the approval of the City. If the material is accepted, a lot number will be assigned to the waste stream for tracking purposes. A bill of lading with the lot number will accompany each load. Acceptance of such materials is on an appointment basis only. To download a copy of the Waste Profile Sheet, please go to Customers tab at

The landfill facility is permitted to utilize Petroleum Contaminated Soil (PCS) as an alternative daily cover. Those wishing to bring PCS to the landfill must follow the PCS Acceptance Protocol. This protocol includes testing of the material prior to acceptance by the landfill. To download information and forms required for PCS disposal, please go to Customers tab at

In addition to the landfilling operations that are conducted at the site, other regional operations that take place include:

Waste Shredding — shreds waste to achieve higher compaction and results in longer landfill life

Waste shredding operations (Click to view full-size)
Waste shredding operations (Click to view full-size)
Waste shredding operations (Click to view full-size)

Landfill Gas Collection System for Odor Control — collects landfill gas to control odors and conveys the gas to the power generation facility.

Gas Line (Click to view full-size)
Gas Line (Click to view full-size)
Gas Line (Click to view full-size)

Landfill Gas Management for Power Generation — utilizes methane (a greenhouse gas) to generate power

Landfill gas collection well (Click to view full-size)
Landfill gas power generation facility (Click to view full-size)
Landfill gas-powered electric generator (Click to view full-size)

Leachate Collection and Storage — captures landfill derived liquids and prevents groundwater contamination

Leachate pump station (Click to view full-size)
Leachate storage tanks (Click to view full-size)

Landfill Closure — final cappping of the landfill to prevent precipitation from entering

Closed landfill area (Click to view full-size)
Closed landfill area (Click to view full-size)
Closed landfill area (Click to view full-size)

Landfill Monitoring — testing of groundwater to ensure quality

Landfill groundwater monitoring wells (Click to view full-size)

The recently approved landfill expansion includes the construction of apporximately 10 acres of new landfill footprint adjacent to the current P-4 area and an overfill of approximately 30 acres of previously landfilled area.

The liner for the proposed expansion will consist of a modern double composite system that meets all state and federal requirements. Liner system details